Again an Israeli strike on Syria

Israel decided that it was time to add one more brick on the hill of bricks made by destroyed Syrian buildings. And now, the conflict could really become a regionwide one, it risks to bring the whole Middle East to war. US President Obama says that it is the legitimate right of Israel to defend its own territory, its own people, from possible threats (such as the transfer of weapons from Iran to Lebanon). Right, any state administration’s duty is to protect its citizens… by dropping bombs on other citizens’ territories? It can do it just because there is no administration left in Syria. But does this give Israel or anyone else the right to add violence to violence, pain to pain?

In the Middle East, as in other parts of the world, people die every day, because of an antagonist logic which drives the power games, be it politics or religion.

Let’s stop all this.

The cooperation among states, at the regional and global level, brings prosperity, wealth, progress. And it brings peace. Peace is not an empty word, it is a political project. It is a matter of will.

How can we describe ourselves as ‘human’ beings when the cost of defending ourselves must be at the expenses of someone else?

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